The Man in If

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The poem `If' by Rudyard Kipling contains many moral values that might change a person to be a `man of the Earth'. The poem is full of advice and guidelines on how to live a good life. This poem teaches us to be someone that knows how to live a good life not only for themselves but also towards others. If these advices are followed everyone can live in peace, harmony and respective life.

In the first stanza, we will learn that we should be patience when dealing with problems in life. Sometimes in the journey of our life we will be facing with difficulties and people that disagree with us. When we are facing with problems like that, we should be calm and tolerance. Moreover, not all people will have the same opinion as we are so we should respect them. However, we should stay calm even though others are blaming and doubting you. Other than that in everything that we do, we should do it in modesty.

We should treat success and failure that happen to us equally. Accept them as part of our life because there will always ups and down in life. We know that we will not succeed every time. There are times where we will fail but we must accept it as we accept success in our life. Other than that to be a `man of the Earth', we should not dreams only but make our dreams a reality. We are supposed to be realistic and creative. It is because other people will try to ruin your life. So, we should be able to build up our life again using what all that we have.

Besides, we should not afraid to take risk when we are doing something. We never know what we will achieved if we do it. Others will think that we are crazy because we dare to gamble everything. However, if we feel what we are doing is right we should go on. We may fail but we must not complain about our loss. We must accept our failure as a motivation to do better. Other than that we must have great determination and will power in order to be a `man of the Earth'. Without strong will, we will never dare to do anything. It is because we will face many difficulties in our life and sometimes we will feel hopeless.
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