The Man and His Feed

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M.T. Anderson is a child, teen and adult literature writer. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, November 04, 1968. He has written twenty four books of which four are picture books for children. He has written five different short fiction stories, and fourteen novels. In the novel Feed, technology is important, and in his own life Anderson believes that technology is both a good thing to have and something that messes up your life ( He finished writing and published Feed in 2002 (Anderson, VI). At that time the technology was advancing and people were becoming more dependent on it. Anderson’s family was always outside; they were not the type of people who were dependent on technology for everything. While he was still young, Anderson and his family moved to Italy. His father was working on a radar system for the American military, and they ended up living in an apartment in the corner of a crumbling monastery. When he came back to the United States in first grade his teacher thought something was wrong with him because he couldn’t build with blocks. What he was doing though was building the ruins that were around him while he was young living in Italy. When he graduated from high school, Anderson went to a boarding school in Britain. At the boarding school Anderson said, “our dinner was a single hard boiled egg and grated cheese (once a week!), I could not stop laughing.” Even though M.T. Anderson received dinner only once a week, Moore-Runck, 2 he was happy and believed everything was how it was suppose to be ( These events influenced Anderson to write the book Feed and some of his other books. Feed, a futuristic book, was written in 2002. Back then technology w... ... middle of paper ... ...ion is significant to Moore-Runck, 6 the novel because it is these lesions, which are caused by the Feed TM, are killing the people. These were either cut into them or were formed there because of a negative feedback from the Feeds TM themselves. Violet is a character that is met later in the story, but she plays a big role in Titus’s life while she is alive. She is known for making very intelligent comments using metaphors and similes. Titus on the other hand makes creative metaphors that are not the most intelligent. But he does at least try. “It’s like a squid in love with the sky” (Anderson, 62). Even though both Titus and Violet have Feeds Violet can make up better metaphors or similes because her brain functioned on its own without the Feed when she was a child. This helps her understand more real life things than Titus.

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