The Man Across The Border - Inspirational Writing

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The Man Across The Border - Inspirational Writing

The door opened, I felt a strange but strong sensation demanding me to

turn around, his deep mahogany eyes locked onto mine, as though they

were penetrating my very soul. I couldn't concentrate on anything

apart from the gripping echoes of his determined, inspiring voice. The

man's sculptured features worked hard to release the certain, vibrant

side of his character. The lines on his face told an endless story,

his relaxed movements captured the more interesting parts of his body.

His timeless style highlighted his life experience, enticing me to

explore this enthralling person.

My mind had crossed a dangerously exciting border which gave me the

key to a wonderful new world where intellect, passion and emotion

ruled, finally I was able to discover incredible peace of mind from

which I could never return to the dull life I once lived in. This

perfect person had rescued me from the stereotypical clone that I

could have been, for that I owe him my immeasurable love, and immense

respect, an extraordinary chapter of my life had begun.

I never knew that I could feel like that, suddenly my life didn't seem

such a waste; the world was just a perfect place. However it was only

a matter of time before I became conscious of reality, I felt trapped

like a caged tiger that wanted so desperately to be released. I tried

so hard to hide from the overwhelming feeling, however it seemed to

bury itself deep inside me, I craved that someone could be as

effective as him, yet no-matter where I searched or how hard I

searched he was distinctively unique.

I was petrified of what lay ahead, just the thought of letting go made

me weak. I knew that one day i would just escape and leave all this to

yesterday, but the only person that could liberate me from this

intolerable cruelty was him.

He feared consequences much more than me, but he planned the route,

which we both knew i had to take, and lead me down the long path.

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