The Making Of The English Working Class Joan Scott Analysis

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Thesis: Gender and sexuality are significant in personal and societal experiences. Joan Scott’s collection of essays explores the construction of meaning and knowledge about gender and gender roles and their impact throughout history. These essays display the significance of gender in culture and historical events while also highlighting the different meanings and roles of gender in various cultures. In addition to Scott’s analysis of women in history, she examines the field of women’s history providing a comprehensive view of the discipline and its role in academia.
3. General Scope & Content: Scott’s work provides and expansive summary and demonstration of feminist and gender studies in history. Scott describes the evolution of the discipline
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These case studies demonstrate different approaches and struggles in a feminist approach to history. These include an extended examination of The Making of the English Working Class by E.P. Thompson where Scott shows how Thomson portrays the working class and brings their struggles to light. Despite being a classic example of labor history and history from bellow, Thompson struggles to portray the female role in the English working class. Scott builds off these shortcomings and shows how these points could be included in the…show more content…
Two who feature most prominently in her text and influence her scholarship are Michel Foucault and Clifford Geertz. She cites Foucault’s concept that knowledge and meaning is not absolute, but instead is shaped by society and culture. This compliments Geertz call for “thick description” of concepts, customs, and symbols as well as the concept of social construction of meaning. These theorists shape Scott’s advocacy for a social understanding of gender and gender roles to better understand the role these perceptions play in diverse cultures. Scott does not believe there is a universal “feminine” or “masculine,” “male” or “female.” These concepts are shaped by
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