The Major Industries of Fance

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Introduction/Major Industries:
The major industries of France include: automobile manufacturing, aircraft productions, chemicals, machinery, food processing, and tourism (Going Global). Coal, iron ore, bauxite, and other minerals are mined (Ibid). The government has privatized many large companies, including Air France, France Telecom, Renault, and Thales, which contribute most of the GDP (Encyclopedia of the Nations). According to The World Bank Group, France has the second largest economy in Europe and fifth largest in the world. The government focuses on particularly power, public transport, and defense industries (Government Social Spending). France is the most visited country in the world and receives the third largest income from tourism (OECD).
Provided by U.S. Energy Information Administration, nuclear power is the primary source of energy in France. Electricity production in France is ruled by nuclear power (Ibid). The largest producer of crude oil in France is Vermilion (Vermilion Energy). France imports crude oil through three major seaports: Le Havre, Marseille, and Saint Nazaire (U.S. Energy Information Administration). France has very little domestic natural gas production (Ibid). They import natural gas through a cast of cross-border pipelines from the Netherlands, Norway, and Russia (Ibid). France also produces a significant amount of energy from renewable resources (Ibid). France has a closed fuel cycle, which reprocesses used nuclear fuel to lower the volume of waste and to create new mixed oxide fuel for its nuclear power plants (Ibid).

Average Worker:
According to the OECD Better Life Index, in France, the average household disposable income is 20,553 euros (28,310 USD) a year. When it comes to employment, 64...

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