The Major Factors To The Importance Of Coral Reefs

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RUNNING HEAD: Coral Reef Damage1Coral Reef DamageJesi WingGlendale Community College
Coral Reef Damage2Coral Reef Damage“Scuba has been around for many years and with plenty of advancements. From the first diving bell invented in the early 1500s to the options of equipment a scuba diver has today” (Scuba Diver News). Scuba diving and snorkeling are a great tourist revenue for many economies throughout the desolate ocean bearing communities. Many of the locals depend on the amount of tourism with snorkeling and diving the great beauty of the reefs in the ocean. Scuba divers and snorkelers will travel all over the world to dive and snorkel in the best and most beautiful sights. For thousands of years coral reef
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Recreational scuba diving has been stated to be the main factor to which coral reefs have severe damage and are dying.With the extreme beauty of coral reefs and the marine life below the surface, it has been said that we are losing this tropical rainforest of the ocean. Damage to coral reefs has been an ongoing argument for many years as to what is the major cause to the loss of coral reefs. Coral reef damage is caused by many factors which include; recreational scuba diving, global warming, natural disasters, ships and fishing vessels anchoring directly on top of them as well as over fishing. Recreational scuba diving has been said to be the main factor to which coral reefs are dying. However that is not the only concern to the constant damage done to coral reefs. Scuba diving has been used to study the ever changing natural reefs under water to studying the marine life that lives below the water in the natural as well as man-made habitats and reefs. It has been stated that scuba diving causes damage to coral reefs and has a negative effect on marine life. “In nature, corals are colorful. When they…show more content…
From 1982 until 1987 the amount of cruise ships that anchored in the Caribbean rose form thirty five to eighty two. Speculations say that by the time 1995 arrived there would be more than one hundred and sixty cruise ships that would drop anchor in the Caribbean and some point” (Allen, 1992).Even though, anchor damage by ships and other sea bearing vessels cause a majority of damage to coral reefs; global warming plays a role in the damage done to coral reefs. Global warming and natural disasters are a diminishing factor to the damage to coral reefs as well. With natural disasters such as hurricanes this brings along with it increase in rain and colder temperatures. With the increased rain, it in turn changes the salinity of the ocean. Hurricanes also cause large swells in the ocean that cause waves to break over the reefs, the large swells and surges under the water cause the coral to break and become damaged. Hurricanes will also draw the water out of the ocean and leave the coral reefs exposed near shorelines. This in turn causes the reefs to die and may not ever recover due to the exposure to the atmospheric air. It has been said that human activity is what is increasing the greenhouse gases also known as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This then causes more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. With the increase in global warming it is

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