The Major Conflicts Between The Americans And The British From 1763-1774

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The Major Conflicts Between the Americans and the British from 1763-1774 An Essay Response to the 2nd Celebration of Knowledge During the years of 1763 to 1774 New England colonists and the British experienced many disagreements and conflicts. The colonies were young and small and Britain had been around for a long time and was the greatest nation at the time. When it came to authority, which had the upper hand? Britain did, of course. She had the man power to remove settlers from certain lands and place them somewhere else, she became known as the “mother country”, and she began using her authority to her convenience. However, would her reign over America last? Let’s take a look at why superiority doesn’t always work out for Britain. The best way to recognize why Britain began to fail as a “mother” is to study the Proclamation of 1763, The Treaty of Paris and the Sugar Act, and the ever-famous Boston Tea Party. What sparked the first of many disagreements between American colonies and the British was the Proclamation of 1763. This proclamation made an imaginary line down th...
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