The Major Causes Of Water Pollution

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What are the biggest social issues facing humans around the world? As everyone knows, one of the most serious issues in the world is water pollution. Water Pollution is “the contamination of natural water bodies by chemical, physical, radioactive or pathogenic microbial substances” (Hogan, pr1). Water pollution is not a new phenomenon in society; it has been a struggle for human’s normal life for a long time. To address this problem, it is the responsibility of citizens and governments to understand what are the causes of water pollution, and plans some treatments to reduce the level of water pollution. Many sources can pollute the water quality, but the major causes of water pollution are industrial waste, sewage and wastewater, mining activities,…show more content…
Mostly, sewage and wastewater were produced by household, and released the pollutants through the pipe into the river. For example, when people flush the toilet or wash the dishes, all the waste would inflow into the river that influences the clean water. In the article, “ Water pollution: an introduction”, it shows that “Around half of all ocean pollution is caused by sewage and waste water”, “around 5 million tons of sewage was dumped by barge from New York City each year”, and “Sewage disposal affects people 's immediate environments and leads to water-related illnesses such as diarrhea that kills 3-4 million children each year”(Woodford, pr 15). As it well known, 75 percent of earth is water, but now half the ocean already polluted by different kinds of sources. Also, there are many places that do not have enough water quantity for people to drink. Sewage and wastewater will not be discontinuous into the river unless the planet do not any human live in. Sewage and wastewater would bring out chemical and bacterium that could affect human’s health, while they are also contaminated the water. The diseases, which cause by the water pollution, could carry them into human’s body when people drink the water from the water faucet. The virus from the disease will cause some serious illness such as diarrhea, typhoid, hepatitis, and cholera. Also, it kills lots of children and adult every…show more content…
As the population of a place has grown, there are many people to buy or rent house to live, and purchase the food and cloth; so the demand for household would increase. Also, As more cities and towns are developed, they have resulted in increase use of fertilizers to produce more food, soil erosion due to deforestation, increase in construction activities, inadequate sewer collection and treatment, landfills as more garbage is produced, increase in chemicals from industries to produce more materials. All of these actions would increase the level of water pollution, because industrial activities could produce the wastewater and toxic chemical, and leakage from the landfills could pollute the underground water etc. For instance, “The Atlanta, Ga. area is a good example of a booming urban center as it is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. Much of the growth and construction is occurring north of the city”, “The population of the metro area has more than tripled from the 1 million residents in 1950 to over 3 million today”, and “the city faced daily fines for releasing wastewater that had higher bacteria levels than were permitted”(“Population Growth”). The data in the above shows that the water pollution by dispose the wastewater in Atlanta is increasing since its growth of population. So compare with suburb, the water pollution is worse than suburb, because

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