The Major Causes Of The Rwandan Genocide

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1850 words

There had always been tension between the Hutus and the Tutsis but, certain events increased tensions between the two groups. Rules, appearances, and opportunities were never the same for any of the groups therefore hate begin to build upon the two groups. This tension would continue for years until the genocide in 1994. One of the major causes of the Rwandan Genocide was tensions brought about by the Belgian rule from 1922 to 1962(Appendix A). Before World War I, Rwanda was a German territory. During the German colonial rule Tutsis were deemed as natural leaders due to their more European features, including slimmer bodies and lighter skin (Baker). Then after the World War I and the German defeat, Rwanda went under Belgian rule. …show more content…

With so many Hutus along with perpetrators of the genocide in Zaire the fighting between the RPF and the Hutus still continued in Zaire. In response the new Rwandan government, aided by the Ugandan government, invaded Zaire (Baker). The head of the Rwandan army, Laurent Kabila, was meet with little resistance, so he claimed Zaire of his own. Kabila was then made president and renamed the country to the Democratic Republic of Congo or DRC (US Holocaust). Ever since 1996, fighting in the DCR has continued killing an estimated 5.4 million people (“Rwanda …show more content…

Paul Rusesabagina, portrayed by Don Cheadle is placed in a difficult situation when the Rwandan Armed Forces come into Kigali and start killing thousands of Hutus targeting his neighbors, friends, and family. In response he houses thousands of Tutsis in his hotel until him and his family flee Rwanda. Hotel Rwanda was made in order to inform viewers on the extent of the Interhamwe and Rwandan Armed Forces on the torture of the Tutsis. For example, in the movie scenes of blood and violence involving children and babies were very common. These scenes emphasize the extent of the torture that the Rwandan Armed forces and Interhamwe were willing to go to with torture. Also scenes of Hutu torturing women are also shown in the movie. These scenes reveal the different forms of torture that were common during the genocide compared to just showing the killings and

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that there had always been tension between hutus and tutsis, but certain events increased tensions between the two groups.
  • Explains that the rwandan genocide was caused by tensions brought about by the belgian rule from 1922 to 1962.
  • Analyzes how the bbc documentary rwanda's untold story convinces viewers that paul kagame shot down the plane that carried president habyarimana, which initiated the genocide.
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