The Main Point Of Buddhism

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Every country is home to their religions that define who they are and impacts different things such as the economy. Whether positive or negative it can define the country as whole and be the deciding rate of where the country falls in the lines of religious views, money, and a few other things. religion plays a big part in any country and can make or break a country. Three countries economies immensely affected by the religion are Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei. Thailand, or as its known as “land of the free” is a very peaceful, individualistic country. Religion plays an immense role in the lives of thai people. 95% of the people in Thailand practice the official religion, buddhism. It’s home to buddhism but christianity, islam, hinduism and many others can be found in the country with the privilege of religious freedom. The main point of buddhism taught was a method for understanding oneself and the world in a different way.(What do buddhist believe?) Thailand’s economic freedom score is 62.4 and has been decreasing over the years. “Political unrest and conflict between ru...

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