The Main Effects Of Stress In College Students

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Stress in College students Is it possible to not be stressed in college? Stress affects people but there are some ways to not be stressed and things that will help you how to control stress. The main problems with stress is that people don 't know how to Avoid or control it. According to Uf Counseling & Wellness Center. “ Stress is only harmful when it is excessive”. This means that stress is only harmful when is too much. We all have stress in our daily life. For example Episodic stress is a type of stress with comes when you aren’t organize, you always having a rush. This stress also can come when you are thinking negatively and alert. Students get stressed in college for numerous causes. Thinking negative, different emotions, and where are you establish.…show more content…
When you think you got an F on the last test. By the feeling you overthink it so much that you get stress. UF Counseling & Wellness Center add “ It is easy to get caught up in a problem or narrow view of something you are doing , and to lose perspective and feel that a failure or roadblock is a catastrophe.” This means that is easy to get in a problem and think that that 's the end of the world. Our body receives those thoughts and reacts to it by creating stress. Muscular tension is one of the effects is when your muscles get tight you start to feel with anxiety. As we all know that stress causes High Blood Pressure another effect of stress. This means that your heart starts to beat faster. Ulcers another effect of excessive stress this cause that the Acid in the stomach to get alone. When this happen that acid can cause Ulcers or infections in our

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