The Magna Carta: Text Analysis

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The Magna Carta : Text analysis. The Magna Carta, also known as The Great Charter, is a compendium of 63 charters firstly written in Latin by Stephen Langton the archbishop of Canterbury. He was the representative of all the Barons who acted as a group. Although, it has been translated into English in different occasions the title of the charter remains in Latin. The document was signed by King John of England, the king at the time ,on the 5th of June of 1215 on the bank of the river Thames, in the water meadows of Runnymede during the First Baron war. This document is mainly important for two reasons. Firstly, for its significance, as it was the first attempt of the people, in this case the Barons, to lessen the harsh and unbreakable feudal laws, and secondly, for its symbolism, because although The Magna Carta was not a proper document legally speaking ( it was a declaration of good intentions), it has influenced nations such as The United States of America. Hence, Americans defend that many ideas which are included in The American Declaration of Independence came from The Magna Carta. In order to understand The Magna Carta’s significance, it is crucial to do a historical approach in order to put the document in context. During the last years of the XII century the relations among King John and the feudal barons were seriously damaged. The Barons were suffering many kinds of injustices. For instance, they had to pay large amounts of money in order to keep safe their own lands. Moreover, many of them were obliged to join the army and give military service if King John required. However, they could avoid joining the army, but they had to pay a “Scutage” a specific tax with only one purpose, not to service the King in the milita... ... middle of paper ... ...Nevertheless, we can find some of them that they could benefit (they were allowed to fish in lands previously owned by the King). We all know that there was a long way to go, (until the Industrial Revolution),for the civil citizens to gain certain privileges. However, it goes without saying that The Magna Carta must be considered a milestone in history for setting the beginning of many rights which were developed in the following years. To sum it up, The Magna Carta was originally written in order to solve a political drawback and to fight against the abusive prices of the taxes, and other injustices. What they didn’t know is that whilst they were putting the first stone to fight against the lack of freedom and to prevent a King to use his power wrongfully and for his own good they were setting a new justice path for the years to come and we are still dealing with.

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