The Magic City: The Magic City

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rich history and beautiful sites has often been referred to as the Magic City which is fitting with the way the city splashed into existence. Located in South Florida and known for its natural beauty with beaches that flow into its oceans and never ending sky’s, it’s no wonder that the early European settlers exploring the land believed it to be filled with the fountain of youth. The sunny climate along with its heartwarming feel attracts not only young adults looking to enjoy the exotic Miami night life, but also those retirement aged citizens seeking the peace and tranquility that is often felt in such a resort themed city. In recent years, the city has grown at a tremendous rate which can be attributed to industries such as real estate, finance,…show more content…
Juan Ponce de Leon was the first European to visit the land and was in search of riches and building of a colony. Ponce de Leon had experienced early exploring success, discovering the island he renamed Puerto Rico where he served as governor for over two years until being replaced and sent back Europe (History). After his return to Spain, Ponce de Leon set out on another expedition in hopes of establishing a Spanish colony of his own. In 1513, he and over 200 settlers discovered upon land on Florida’s east coast which he named La Florida because “it was close to the Christian festival of flowers” (Cavendish, R). Ponce de Leon was met with a great deal of resistance from the native tribe of Calusa and as a result was wounded by a poised arrow which ultimately took his life. Other Spanish settlers were never as successful as they desired in settling in the Miami area. Like Ponce de Leon, many explored the land in search of the warm climate, riches, gold, in awe of the land believing the water to be filled with “eternal youth” (history), but were only able to build small forts and towns, many of which still exist
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