The Mafia/Organize Crime

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The Mafia / Organized Crimes As we all know that America was built on the land of opportunity and the stitching' that binds America's fabric of history have been sown in with illegal threads. The Mafia has been woven into the American society like baseball and American apple pie The only fact about this problem is that it has been swept under the rug and said to be taboo. In this research paper I will attempt to answer this statement, the mafia is a violent and ruthless organization. In order to answer this statement there must be a clear understanding of the definition of The Mafia. Many different have defined the Mafia in many ways law enforcement agencies and researchers. There is no one individual definition, which fully expose how the Mafia does business. This organization seems to give a descriptive understanding of what organized crime actually is as it function in our society "Drugs, which were once considered just to be for hoodlums and never a mainstream problem, are associated with organized crime, especially La Cosa Nostra, the Italian Mafia. La Cosa Nostra was once a much-revered organization that was comprised of select Italian people who sometimes defied the laws to obtain things for themselves, and other people. La Cosa Nostra, also known as the Mob, the (Secret) Society, Organized Crime, the Confederation, the Outfit, and the Underworld, is comprised of different families with a don, or boss, running each family and a consigliore, advisor, aidi...

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