The Lower Class And Poverty

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Global poverty continues to evolve from the help of the political and economic system. Between the high income and low income there were modern factors that influenced inequalities. The French Revolution blossomed into the Industrial revolution historically developing the dominating countries, but also destroying other countries while power was taking root. The higher class forced the people of the lands to mine for the resources and run the machinery. This process caused major social conflict between the high class and the lower class. Specific students wanted help change the world so they began to study and write about human behaviors and interaction. Society became unfair with their politics and economics. Wallerstein, the Frankfurt School,…show more content…
The more goods the worker produced the more the workers felt as an alien to his own product. Workers efforts and labor did not belong to him, but belong to the owner of the company that hired him. Workers labor came from within as a natural act but also exists outside of him from what was produce and means a loss of his self. Work is a critical source of identity and life purpose of a human being. Marx wrote the “Manifesto of Class Struggle” which is between the upper class and the lower class. Lower class was known as the proletariat and their labor through the means of production. Higher class is known as the bourgeoisie they are the dominant class that deprived the lower class of their lively hood. Political institutions shaped the society according to their own happiness. The world expanded through industrialization, means of production and exchange and capitalism. In the labour-power and capital it that the commodities are objects that promise human needs and wants. Exchange-value allows a commodity traded in equal value to another commodity. The value of a commodity was determined by Marx on how long it takes for the product completed and how many times it can be…show more content…
As long as the system is running global poverty will continue to develop. People in poverty-stricken place only want the necessities to live and give to their families. Higher income countries need people from the lower class to work for them, but continue to oppress them gaining more profit for themselves. Social conflict theory shows difference between powerful people and lower class people. Inequalities continue to influence people and organizaton to gain more money. People who are in poverty do not have the means of production but do have the power of labor. These sociologist developed articles on the world around them. They helped influenced the changes and spoke of the inequalities that separated the poor and the

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