The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold

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The character I choose from the novel Lovely Bones is Mr. Harvey. His role in this novel was that he is a serial Killer. What is a serial killer? A serial killer is someone that killed more than three people over a period more than a month. Mr. Harvey killed Susie the main character in this novel. He rapped her, and cut her body up, and packaged it, and drove 8 miles and dumped it in a sinkhole.. Mr. Harvey doesn't really have a family. His dad abandons his mom after the argument that they next to the car in the streets over truth and consequences in Mexico. His mom was desperate that she taught him how to steal and shoplift. We know that his father was an abusive person. He also taught him about buildings. We know that Mr. Harvey’s life and Susie’s are the not exactly the same. In fact we know its the total opposite. Mr. Harvey never know what love is, since his father was abusive and his mother was a thief. Susie always had a loving family. Her dad and mom loved her and was overly protective.

Mr. Harvey’s Profession was building Dollhouses. His success gave him what his father never could. He makes enough to buy a house in the suburbs. He never wanted a family either. He also murders his loving wife , surprise to say that his jealous is a evil lake that when it overcomes him he wants to kill people. In a way that is his hidden feature. I believe that the way he turned out to be right now is all his parents fault. If they were together this would never happen in the first place, well not just together, loyal to each other and loving, caring. What he is now reflects on how his parents were when he was young. So in a way he was just raised in a cruel environment . He is just filled with anger that he takes it out on o...

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...knows where he is.

To compare a person like Mr. harvey to in my life, would be pretty hard since I don't know anyone like that .My mom knows someone similarly close to him. She worked with a guy at work, what he does is that he pulls you to get close to him, and be friends with him. At the end he steals whatever you have in your home. Thankfully my mom knew he was trouble and she never spoke to him every since. “Imagining Death is the last thing anyone has on their minds. Dangerous guys like Me. Harvey or any other guys are always going to be in life. Its our responsibility to avoid them. Not all of them are going to be caught by the police or get caught at all.

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