The Lovely Bones Analysis

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First of all, ‘The Lovely Bones’ is about a girl named Susie Salmon and tells a story of how she died and how people get along together and live without her. She was a normal fourteen-year-old girl when she was murdered in the novel 's opening pages. She narrates the rest of her story from heaven, often returning to Earth to watch over her loved ones; mostly family, some friends and Mr. Harvey and the other people he kills. ‘Lovely Bones’ is represents Susie’s body the connection of heaven to earth, earth to heaven. This is main symbolism of this book as Susie. ‘She began to see things without her and the events that her death will influence her in heaven and her family and friends in earth.’ In this passage, the author talks about her life…show more content…
After Susie was murdered, the only thing that the police found was a cap. It makes a jingly sound because her mom thought if something happens with her daughter maybe this cap would protect her. It becomes a symbol of her loss of breath and voice. Moreover, there are a lot of similes, metaphors and imagery in this book. The old shoe from the Monopoly game is represents Susie to Buckley. The Keystone State/Charm and the charm bracelet is represents Susie that she always wore it until she died. Also the title of this book ‘Lovely Bones’ is symbolism of Susie’s body. It represents her death and also her body and they called it in the last chapter and Susie talks about how she affected the world on when living and dead. “He wore his innocence like a comfortable old coat.” (Sebold, 26) This quote describes Mr. Harvey, the serial killer, who killed so many innocent people and thought that he is the one of the innocent people. It is a metaphor that Mr.Harvey is innocent man. Structure of tone and mood of this book, it is mostly sad and gloomy because of Susie’s death and grief of her…show more content…
If you only see the movie, then you don 't know what actually happened in the book. As saying movie wasn’t that great compared with book. First, there are so many missing people in the movie. When Susie went to heaven she met Franny who is mid-forties and take responsible of Susie in heaven and she was ‘intake counselor’. Len Fenerman, he is important character in the book because he is the lead detective on Susie’s murder case and he believes that he will find the murderer. Since Susie’s mother having hard time, he understanding her feelings, after that he eventually begins an affair with her. Besides that, at the end he fails to arrest Susie’s killer and it makes him having guilt of his decisions. There are more missing people in the movie, also incident of how Susie murdered was different. In the book, she raped and then murdered. However, in the movie, only shows her blood and conclude that she murdered. In addition, affair between Susie’s mother and detective Len Fenerman, only book told us but not in the film version. The acting was really good that makes me cry too, moreover choosing actor and actress was really good too because character descriptions in the book were similar to film characters. Ask you need to preserve the core, if you really want to know about the story of lovely bones, then you should read a

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