The Love of God as the Key to Knowledge

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-Well, I do not question the existences of qualities as I do the existence of enduring things, material or otherwise, in which qualities are supposed to exist permanently and inseparably within, as a quality, attribute, or element; including myself. I do agree with you that knowledge extends to all things knowable, to all kinds of knower, to all knowledge and all methods of knowing, but what is really possessed when a person claims to have knowledge? Do you put faith above knowledge? Do you think that when one has faith one does not need knowledge anymore?

Again, quality is not part of enduring or disappearing things: quality is, like beauty, held in the eye of the beholder, a person only, which you are, not a mechanical thing like your body or your environment. Quality does not exist apart from self-consciousness. Quality is a subjective phenomenon. Quality is perceived by the mind through the emotional sensory system of each individual in a possession of a brain of human status which, if properly attune to life will respond to experiments combining the perception and expectation desired by individual. These qualitative perceptions will be a feeling of exaltation if the mind perceptions exceeds the expectations. It will be a feeling of satisfaction if perceptions and expectations are identical, but if the perception is less than the mind expectation then the feeling or sensation in the exploring mind will be deception. The feeling of anything you do is qualitative and that quality of experiences will always be related to your happiness if theses experiences in time are related to the truth. What the mind posses with experiences (qualitative or not) is the object known. What is not in any way present to, or represented in, the...

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.... When it comes to knowledge, be like Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Suisse philosopher) who, when glorifying the innocence of the primitive or satirizing the folly so often admixed with human wisdom and the deficiency attending the advance of learning, do not question the ancient saying that all men by nature desire to know. Nor do I doubt one second that knowledge is good, very beneficial to human happiness and to the welfare of any human societies. Knowledge is possessed only by sharing, safeguarded by wisdom and socialized through love. Knowledge should be the pursuit of all, from birth to the grave. It should be facilitated by education, supported by the freedom of scholars and scientists and transmitted freely by every devices which could assist any human being in communicating what they know to one an other including science, philosophy and religion: the love of God.

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