The Love Of Love In 'The Horse Dealer's Daughter'

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The story “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter,” shows that sometimes love is found in the most unexpected places. Mable was helpless with her family being in a horrible financial situation and felt that joining her mom by death was the best way out. Dr. Fergusson, who was friends with Mabel’s brother, had only saw Mabel two times briefly before taking a plunge to save her life. The doctor never had intentions of liking Mabel in anyway, but just couldn’t help himself after he picked her up after she was down and depressed. In the story “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter,” love is shown as Jack unexpectedly falls in love with Mabel by helping her through a dark time in her life. Mabel, who has no clue where she is going to go after her father dies, deals…show more content…
“She would follow her own way just the same. She would always hold the keys of her own situation” (Lawrence). Mabel heads out with a scrubbing brush to her mother’s grave where she always finds peace. “Mindless and persistent, she seemed in a sort of ecstasy to be coming nearer to her fulfilment, her own glorification, approaching her dead mother, who was glorified” (Lawrence). This line in the story symbolizes Mabel wanting to go be with her by dying. Mabel felt while at her mother’s grave that she actually had contact with her mother. As she was scrubbing the headstone, Dr. Fergusson watched her and felt like it was like looking into another world. As she could feel him looking, she looked up and their eyes met. When their eyes met, it felt almost as they connected immediately. “There was a heavy power in her eyes which laid hold of his whole being, as if he had drunk some powerful drug. He had been feeling weak and done before. Now the life came back into him, he felt delivered from his own fretted, daily self” (Lawrence). This line shows how things felt for Dr. Fergusson as their eyes met. He felt as if his weakness had been taken away. Jack went on to tend to patients in surgery as Mabel continued tending to her mother’s

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