The Louisiana Purchase

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The Louisiana Purchase was done in the year 1803. In this purchase the United

States of America paid fifteen million dollars to get all the land west of the Mississippi

River and east of the Rocky Mountains. This transaction was done between Thomas

Jefferson and the great Napoleon. The benefits that the United States of America

experienced from this purchase were numerous. For one, it gave the U.S. complete

control of the Mississippi, which in tern helped many farmers with transporting

goods. Second, it more than doubled the size of the United States. With this huge

amounts of land, the government could set up more farms to feed the young but

growing nation. Despite these benefits, however, many people believe that the

Louisiana Purchase was an unconstitutional mistake, for it was not written that the

government could buy land from other nations. The question, however, still remains, was

the Louisiana Purchase a necessity for the young growing nation, or was the purchase

an unconstitutional act done by President Thomas Jefferson himself?

At the end of the French and the Indian War France had given up its claims to

lands west of the Mississippi to Spain. However, when Napoleon came to power he took

back the Louisiana lands from Spain. The news of this transaction reached the United

States government. This alarmed the president and the rest of the republicans, for

they feared the French control of the western lands. First of, it would get France to

occupy the western lands of America. France, as one may know, was a powerful and

aggressive nation, having France on America’s borders created fear of invasion among

the Americans. Jefferson was also afraid that the French might limit the westward

expansion. Also, French control of the Gulf of Mexico and the mouth of the of the

Mississippi River could deprive westerners of the right to deposit at New Orleans, and

it could greatly limit their trade. “The day that France takes New Orleans,” said President

Jefferson, “We must marry ourselves to the British fleet ad nation.” (Curti 245). That

quote tells one that Jefferson was really concerned. It was this fact that led Jefferson to

urge the American minister to Paris, Robert R. Livingston, and James Monroe to travel

to France where they were to n...

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...ution should be

broadly interpreted. These changes of views for both parties illustrates how ideas change

as interests and situations change. Despite Federalists arguments, the treaty of the

purchase was approved. And in 1803, the Louisiana Territory became part of the

United States of America.

So was the Louisiana Purchase a necessity to the young but growing nation, or

was it a unconstitutional mistake? Many Americans would probably say that the

Louisiana Purchase was a necessity to the United States of America. That is because it

provided America with more land for its growing population. Also, the purchase gave full

control to the Americans over the Mississippi River, and Western Florida. This would

intern influence trade, and transportation of products would become easier. Also, it is

because of this purchase, that the Americans get rid of the French from the American

Continent, for if they had not removed French claims, who knows what Napoleon would

have done. Finally, the Louisiana Purchase was not an unconstitutional, for the

Constitution could be broadly interpreted for the good of the country.
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