The Louis Vuitton Story

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Over the years, Louis Vuitton has been known as the European’s sector most leading line within the market specializing in the sales of luxury products and services throughout Japan as well as the multi-national firm as a whole. The mission of Louis Vuitton states that the organization has a representation of offering the most refined qualities of Western “Art de Vivre” around the world ( The organization has become the most profitable business in Japan due to its superior ratings in the European market with the delivery of unique features and special branding management styles that have integrated culture beyond the norms of the consumers’ mindsets and craftsmanship ideas. The company has focused its business model success on the adaption and willingness to change and adapt to the growing demands of the economy. Since 2008, Louis Vuitton has been listed as the top selling brand in the luxurious marketing sales earning a net profit of 165 billion yen, which was 2.7 times as much as Hermes, 3.1 times as much as Tiffany and 2.5 times the sales of Coach. The former president of Louis Vuitton, Kyojiro Hata, believed highly in applying the necessary methods of globalization tools by controlling prices and promoting even distributions throughout the business model concept.

Louis Vuitton has many opportunities to distribute their products throughout Japan. The higher qualities of products have been part of the company achievements since the beginning of time. The brand name is not only known within America but is a great demand and marketing organization internationally as well. Japan has a high sense of fashion and trend desires in which Louis Vuitton has recognized and attracted the middle class a...

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...gher economic conditions, or shift completely to an ‘upper-class consumer’ strategy ( Helge Fulch, founder of Japan Access, stated that “There is no clear social code of adherence to certain brands. The New Rich go for ‘new luxury’ – one which is more personal and lifestyle-oriented.”

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