The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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What makes a piece of literature dystopian? A piece of literature becomes dystopian when the world is ruled by dictatorship; when it seems like a Utopian in the beginning but turned to be dystopian after all; when murder no longer a crime. These are determined by the person who creates this dystopian world. There are many articles that relate to dystopian worlds, and we would always find some similarities between those articles. For example, these kinds of stories usually take place either in some villages where are far away from the society, or in a new society that emerges after the old world was destroyed by the war. These kinds of articles normally carry cautionary tones in order to warn the people what kind of consequences they would face if they keep on doing something. Some of these articles wrote with sarcastic tones in order to mock certain social phenomenon. "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson might seems like a normal fiction story that talks about a village with a horrible custom which have neither a postwar background nor future background in the beginning. However, readers will soon realize that this is great piece of dystopian literature after they read along until the end. There are few quotes those are very interesting and provoking form “The Lottery” which can become strong evidences to prove it is a dystopian literature."The morning of June 27th was clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full-summer day."(Jackson, 1) When first looked at this quote, it seems like it simply tells the audiences what kind of day it is when the story happens. However, If we read this quote again after we finish reading the whole story, we would realize this quote is actually parts of the irony Jackson puts in this story. A ... ... middle of paper ... ...village is starting enjoy this kind of action as long as they are not the victim of it. Although in most Dystopian literature those unusual actions are normally forced by the person who’s in charge of the society. However, in “The Lottery” we can see every villager as the dictator of this village because all of them are elements that form the lottery. Ironically, dictator can become victim just in a flash second. The one who win the lottery has to face the consequence he or she had made by blindly following such custom. Therefore, the dystopian factors only surface on the day of the lottery and that’s the reason why the story has such a sunny beginning. Nevertheless, “The Lottery” is a piece of dystopian literature doubtlessly because it really has all the factors a dystopian literature should have with just a little bit of twist in the dystopian elements she has.

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