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In the short story "The Lottery," the author Shirley Jackson makes a very mind blowing

situation that uses theme, characterization and setting as part of the story’s society throughout the

story. This short story is about the traditions of what they do In part of their society. In The

Lottery, one of the characters named Jackson shows a different side into society that takes in part

of the traditions, families, and the horrifying intensity that the people can show towards each

other. It is crazy how in our society we always don’t see everything. Traditions are known to be

big in most concepts of groups, religions, holidays and schools but not all Traditions are

necessarily good. Influence can play a key role tradition and throughout this short story many are

influenced. As the years go by traditions will always be there, but not always recognized.

In the beginning of the story, it takes place on the morning of a day in June, in a village

with around three hundred people. Everyone is gathering around together for the annual lottery

drawing. Everyone has to participate no matter how old you are. Everybody is always wondering

to themselves about this black box, even though that black box makes a huge impact throughout

the story. This box has been around for years always kept for the annual lottery drawing.

Everybody in the town would arrive with their own families and they all know each other due to

the fact they live in the same village with a small amount of people. The nervousness is always

rising and everyone is eager for the drawing. We tend to question how some of these families

raise their children but throughout the story it gets interesting.

Reading through the short story makes me give conn...

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children gave some pebbles to her son so he too could participate in the torture of his own

mother. This terrible tradition is placed into the lives of the descendants of the town, so it is

passed on from generation to generation. All these people are taught to let the evil inside of them

loose during the lottery.

The evil in the people is brought out during the lottery. It is more of an evil that is held in, rather

than hidden. All of this evil comes out once a year for the lottery and takes over the mind and

body of all of its participants, which makes them see this ritual as a normal tradition that has

been kept alive for many years. Everybody has some evil in them, but the lottery gives

everybody a chance to accentuate this evil and to let it loose. All in All, traditions can go in any

direction, taking place in any type of situation.

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