The Loss of United States in the Vietnam War

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The Loss of United States in the Vietnam War

The U.S lost the Vietnam War for many reasons. In this short essay I

will write about the reasons to the United States 'failure' in

Vietnam. Although there were many reasons I cannot mention all of

them, so I have detailed the most important factors. I will start my

essay with a brief history of Vietnam.

In 1939, Vietnam was part of an area known as French Indo-China.

Before the years of French power in the Far East, Vietnam was ruled by

the Chinese, who were a communist country.

In 1940, the French were defeated by the Germans in the Second World

War. Paris was now controlled by Hitler. This made it increasingly

difficult for the French to keep control of Indo-china.

A lot of Vietnamese people saw this as an opportunity for

independence. The French were not helped by the presence of the

Japanese in the area.

The Vietminh was then set up through Ho Chi Minh and Nguyen Vo Giap,

in the year of 1941.The Vietminh, also known as 'The league for the

independence of Vietnam', had one aim: to establish an independent

Vietnam, free of foreign domination. In 1944, the Americans first

became involved; the Vietminh were helped by the Organisation of

Strategic Service (OSS) an intelligence service who trained and

equipped the Vietminh during the war. The Vietminh were Successful

against the Japanese and the French. Using guerrilla war (small scale


The United States then became more involved with Vietnam in the

1950's. This was because the U.S did not want to see European

domination of Vietnam.

During the fifties President Eisenhower of the U.S.A, was confronted

by the...

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... president and it was during Nixon's time as president the truth of the

Vietnam War was told to the world.

In conclusion I think that the reason why America lost the Vietnam War

was because of the U.S government itself, and although the troops, the

fighting, the tactics and the morale of both sides in Vietnam played a

big part, in my opinion it was how the U.S government handled the

situations they got themselves into. I also think that it would have

helped if the U.S government really knew what they were getting

involved in. The politics of War, for example: the release of the

Pentagon Papers, were also vital in the Americans loss as they

included everything about the countries involvement and brought on

pressure from the public themselves. With no public backing the

American government secretly admitted to defeat.

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