The Loss Of Your Mother

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Dear Jenny, I apologize to hear about the loss of your mother. I understand that you would like to discuss how the issues that you have relates to gods existence. The specific question is whether this problem of evil contradicts the traditional idea of God. The key points in the two arguments that are being held in regards to whether or not the problem of evil contradicts the traditional idea of God is that Augustine argues the reason why God is an all knowing foreseeing God and how actions are done out of choice. I will also touch on the discussion, which you cannot force someone to sin, just because you foreknow that he is going to sin. Nor does your foreknowledge force him to sin, even if he is undoubtedly going to sin. God forces no one to sin, even though he foresees those who are going to sin by their own will. As well as speak on Boethius’ views on the fact that he believes that out future is locked in and that it is not free will that we have due to the fact that god foresees and knows everything that will occur in each moment of life. Boethius questions the matter of free will and if it even truly existed. He also argued that he didn’t approve of the argument, and that believed that the line of reasoning that holds freedom of independent judgement is not obstructed by foreknowledge, because it thinks that foreknowledge is not a cause of necessity for future events (Boethius pg 420). According to Augustine there are two solutions that he has to this question presented. First, there is such thing as an all-powerful God and free will. As well as, god has foreknowledge of everything in the future; and we sin by will, not by necessity. (Augustine, pg 382) If it is necessary, the will has no choice about whethe... ... middle of paper ... the choice to do your will. You can ask for forgiveness and repent and choose to do differently. Each decision is judged and you are allowed the lessons in life to choose your will. A person can do one of two things, experience negative things and make the choice to do differently or experience negative things based upon their decisions and continue to experience despite the outcome. That is what your will is, and any time that you consciously make a decision to do something and state that is your desire you are acknowledging your will do something. God is a foreseeing god and is very aware of the things that will occur but as I stated before you are always allowed the option to change what is done. There are lessons presented in all that you do. God chooses when to drastically show you that you need to change but even in that moment it is at your will to do so.
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