The Loss Of Innocence In Mary Shelley's Paradise Lost

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The Monster attempted to coexist with humanity, dealing with violence and abuse, only to be rejected and alone, much like how Satan is rejected by God. He is hoping that the wicked nature of the humans was not common between them all, until he meets the family which sways his opinions about the race. This fruit of hope soon turns rotten when he decides to befriend them only to be rejected again saying “from that moment on I declared everlasting war against the species” (Shelly 124) after their reaction. It was at this moment where he lost his innocence, seeing the truth that all humans are violent, only to make himself more lonely, which is seen in Paradise Lost from Satans rejection from God after they were defeated. Satan is a fallen angel,…show more content…
At the boat where Victor’s lifeless body lies, the monster returns only to mourn regretting his mistakes and murders just because his master wanted happiness. He uses his loss of innocence as an excuse for the immoral and terrible things he has done. This is reflected in Paradise Lost since Satan achieves his revenge by tempting Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. It is at that moment where their promise is broken and the Garden of Eden is lost. Then when Victor rejects his own creation earlier he loses his innocence. This is because he was trying to play God and do the forbidden, which is creating life. It connects to Paradise Lost and the theme because the banishment of love that the monster receives is similar to Satans feeling towards God and his goal, which is to defeat him all because of the misfortune the Monster felt of being created…show more content…
This thirst for this knowledge was something that would not be quenched until it was completed. He acknowledges the consequences of the amount of time saying ¨The summer months passed while i was thus engaged, heart and soul, in one pursuit¨ (Shelly). It was this investment of time that causes all of his family to worry and he didn 't seem to care at the moment since he was so invested in this project of his. This causes his loss of innocence because he goes so far to reach and attain this power to create life, he even goes as far as digging up graves to get the required parts to finish this beast. Much like Satans arrogance and thirst for knowledge in Paradise Lost. He wants to mess up everything for God, so he sets out for Eve and her emotions ¨His words replete with guile into her heart too easy entrance won¨ (Milton 9.733-4). This guile or craft is much like Victors creation, it is a distraction from the real world to feed his curiosity, like Satans curiosity of Eves emotions, but losing their innocence in return. On the other hand, the Monsters loss of innocence comes from the knowledge literature has to offer. The book that strikes him the most is, you guessed it, Paradise Lost by Milton. He tries to relate what he has read to his identity saying that he is like Adam, being created by someone, but cursed like Satan saying he ¨was the fitter emblem of my condition¨
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