The Lord of the Flies

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Carl Jung born in 1875, was a Swiss psychologist. He had many theories, one of them being that an individual makes a conscious decision to show the potential evil we all have inside of us. In the lord of the flies this is shown in many ways. When the boys first arrive on the island they all agree to living in a civilized manner, they work together and respond to a leader. By encouraging others to believe they will never be rescued, Jack was making a conscience decision to show his potential evil. The movie is an interpretation of the book, and although not depicted in the movie a certain scene shows Jung’s theory strongly. The book says that Simon finds the pig head Jack left as an offering to the ‘monster’ and envisions it as being able to talk. The head says to him that the boys have ‘created the monster’ and the real beast lives inside of them all. Here the pigs head is making a direct reference to Simon and the boy’s inner evil. As time goes on the boys inner evil shows through, they become focused on themselves and surviving. another example is Piggy’s death. The boys who push the boulder on to Piggy, are well aware (conscious) of the implications that action will have on him, but they no longer see anything wrong with killing someone or something as it has begun to become something socially accepted in their group. Jack and his group start no longer seeing things in a logical way because they no longer are part of a society that conducts itself on the basis of what is ethically right, and no longer feel the need to suppress their inner savage, and for this reason things like Simon and Piggy’s death occur. Sigmund Freud had a theory in which he proposed the psyche is divided into three parts, the Ego, the Super-ego, and the ... ... middle of paper ... ... savagery started to show more. especially shown in Jack the instinct to survive overrides his instinct to keep the social contract he has entered. He disobeys the first agreement by not trying to live in peace and unity, and also breaks the second contract, by straying away from Ralph and no longer responding to his authority. In conclusion, each of the theories discussed apply to the characters in the lord of the flies in some way. Jack shows his potential evil and stops suppressing his inner savagery, he responds to his id and his super-ego starts to have a lessened effect on his it, and he breaks both of the agreements in the social contract. Piggy and Ralph are able to suppress their inner savagery, and act as certain parts of the psyche, interacting together they are able to make ethically correct choices, and stay in the social contract they have entered.

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