The Lord Of The Rings

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The Lord Of The Rings My favorite character in this book would have to be Legolas. He was the best elf with a bow and arrow, and his skill with a blade was unmatched. A prince of the Elven Kingdom of Mirkwood, he has keen eyesight and sharp ears, a characteristic of his race. Though the fellowship that set forth from Rivendell has dwindled to but three, still the friendship that binds these three holds strong. Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli hold to each other through hardships and peril, in spite of their differences. As we consider the Lord of the Rings, we need to think of the characters who make up what was called the “fellowship.” Nine were the number that made up this group, but they were not all what we would call men. Four were called Hobbits, little people that might also to some be called leprechauns. These were folks that lived in open meadows under the roots of trees or perhaps dug their homes out of the sides of banks alongside the roads. Their homes were not caves, but were elaborate dwellings that could rival the homes of many of the people who we meet today. The one thing we could truly say about the Hobbits is the fact that they loved life and celebrated it to the fullest. One example of this is the birthday celebration of Bilbo Baggins. Even though it was just a birthday party, there was fireworks, dancing, and enough grog to make a Hobbit’s head spin. There was even a cake that rivaled the size of the largest Hobbit. One other peculiar item I would like to insert at this time was the fact that they wore no shoes. To me it is no big deal to be barefoot, but later on in the story it could have been a problem, but as they were always this way it posed no problems The second group in this fellowship was the group called “men.” Aragorn and Borimir were the two that made up this group. Aragorn at first was presented as a “ranger.” Rangers were those, and they did not have to be men, who protected the world. They were those who preferred to spend their lives alone, wandering the earth. It was only later on that we find out that he was the son of a king, a king who had disgraced himself years before, and showed himself to be a loyal friend and protector of the one who bore “the ring.

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