The Lord Of The Flies

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'Lord of the Flies Creative Essay'; There are many lessons of human nature to be learned from the novel Lord of the Flies; the book explores many aspects of human nature and society as a whole. We know this is evident because the book stirs a variety of human emotions for the reader. The implications of Lord of the Flies go far beyond these few small children being abandoned on a dessert island, it discovers the defects of the mind and our human nature in order to explain our actions in society. Human fear stems from the unknown, which leads to terror and often irrational behavior; just as the children on the island experienced fear, the island became an evil place as if 'a beast ' had been unleashed. We later learn that the fear of the unknown causes humans to release their own devils from within. In effect, their world isn't so different from the one we live in now. I find it ironic that the very person who interrupted the children's sick man-hunt of Ralph, will take the children to his ship, which will then hunt the enemy in the very same fashion. Society is no better than the children who are stuck on the island and showing their violent attributes. However, these children were saved, only to be exposed to the exact same situation on a greater level. The entire time the boys were stuck on that terrifying island they were wishing for an adult to come and release them from it. Who then will rescue this individual and save him from the terrors of the world? There is also a political system on the island just as there is in our society. Ralph is the children's elected representative. He appoints hunters (or an army in our case) and a leader to this group on the island. He also appoints people to look after the fire, people to get water, to get food and make shelters (political heads). They also have an age of importance on the island, they can distinguish a minor from their form of an adult just like us. In this way the island is run in an orderly fashion. However, as in most political systems there are people who will oppose the decisions made by their representative. Jack is this leader of anarchy on the island. He drives this toward Ralph like people in society would protest or go on strike.

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