The Lord Is Distributing Keys And The Body Of Christ

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I believe the Lord is distributing keys to the body of Christ to release a Spirit of Honor in the church and in the nation. God wants to give us keys that will access the Spirit of Honor that is a part of the culture of heaven, and declare it released into our world. First in His Body The Spirit of honor in the body of Christ will deal especially with how we speak to and about one another. God, as a father, is not unlike earthly parents who really want their children to get along with one another. We need to endeavor to speak only well and good to and about one another, which releases honor throughout His body. When I was a child, I often heard the phrase, "If you don 't have anything nice to say, don 't say anything at all." I believe this can also be stated, "If we don’t have anything honoring to say, then let 's say nothing at all." We should only speak blessing over other movements, other churches and other believers. Bill Johnson said it this way; “Honor is where you recognize who a person is, without stumbling over who they are not.” Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with each other, I believe the Lord would have us focus on the positive. Of course, there is a New Testament mandate for local leaders to confront of those bringing error and division in the body. But that’s not the same as speaking against those whom we do not know and have never met. There are those who would use the Internet in various ways; blogs, websites etc. to name names and tear down and slander other members of the body of Christ. Not only to these people feel justified in what they are doing, they believe they are called and anointed to do it. This should not be so. I was preaching at a conference in Ireland on the subject of honor. I said, “It is o... ... middle of paper ... ...not necessarily this worlds standard. The world honors performance, achievement, appearance and talent. God’s standard for honoring is quite different. Societal Change I believe what the Lord wants to do is to transcend beyond the church to touch our nation. As we access the Spirit of Honor, I believe there will be a change in the fabric of how people relate to one another. I believe people will be arrested in mid-sentence as they are beginning to put someone down; they will, in turn, speak blessing. Whether talking about a political leader, a neighbor or a boss, they will find it hard to bring a slanderous critical word. Please join me in praying for the transforming work of the Holy Spirit manifesting as the Spirit of Honor in our nation. Let’s actively speak blessing, pray and declare, and believe God to release a Spirit of Honor that will truly make a difference.

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