The Long Term Effects Of Single Parent Homes

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Single parents When you become a parent to this beautiful small human being entering the world . You just want to give the child any and everything in this world. You want the house with the white picket fence, dog and a happy marriage. Things don 't always turn out as they should. Single parent homes are rising steadily in the United States and the effects weigh heavily on the parents and children as well. In this paper , I will explain how/ why single parent homes are rising due to limited resources, long term effects etc. The Long term effects on the parents begin with stress. One source of stress is not being able to provide financially for the family with one income. The other parent might not be supportive or emotionally caring for the children. Single parents suffer with depression due overwhelming responsibility and day-to-day tasks. They also suffer from guilt because the of loss quality time with their children.. The negative effects that occur with children of single and divorce parents include suffering from antisocial behavior, Aggression and health related problems. Studies show children are suffering from obesity in alarming rates. The rates increased by 10 percent for all U.S. children ages 10- to 17-years old between 2003 and 2007, but by 23 percent during the same time period for low-income children. This national study of more than 40,000 children also found that in 2007, children from lower income households had more than two times higher odds of being obese than children from higher income households. Children in such situations suffer from inadequate nutrition . Children in single-parent families were more likely than children in nuclear families to have asthma regardless of their gender, race/ethn... ... middle of paper ... them with handouts from the government. Single parents will no longer be outcast because marital status or number of children in their home. Women and men face many dilemmas such as of unequal pay,widowers and past criminal history without support of the relatives. How can these parents make a living without adequate support. In conclusion, single parent households will continue to rise without the help of the government and society pressing the issue for resources to accommodate our single parents. Sex education should become a priority for our young people in aiding them in making better choices. Teen pregnancy is another cause to rising numbers of single families in America. The rising numbers in single parent homes are no longer a problem but an issue the effects society. If this problem is not solved; there will be troubled young adults throughout the US.
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