The Long Term Effects Of Losing Profile

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Every day, Australian purchase significant amount of fresh fruits and vegetable. The consumption has been booming rural farmers business, increasing their margin of the profile, rise rural population, therefore, promote rural health(Craymer, 2015). With the floating of the living cost, more and more consumers are seeking cheap vegetables and fruits. This has led to a growing number of fruits and vegetables importing business(Fransisca et al., 2015; O 'Donoghue, 2015). It has been estimated that 12% of the fruits and vegetables are from other countries, this has not only drop the price for the consumers, but also bring fresher in season fruits and vegetables to the table(Australian food statistics, 2000). However, importing business has a dramatic effect on farmer’s income. Local farmers need to fight against huge international competitors, forcefully to drop their price down to push the sale(Dunn, 2010). The long-term effect of losing profile has now been seen has huge impacts on the rural heath(Heffernan, 2004). The imported fruits and vegetables have now put more and more small business owners into bankrupt and leading to poverty(O’kane & Wijaya, 2015). In this paper, the effect of international imported fruits and vegetable on rural health will be discussed, specifically, how poverty can have adverse impacts on rural health, and some of the social determine of health will be addressed as well as how to manage this issues effectively. Rural and regional farmers have been providing with Australians with fresh fruits and vegetable for decades, however, with increased living cost, consumers are now seeking cheaper fruits and vegetables to bring on their table(Ridoutt, Juliano, Sanguansri, & Sellahewa, 2009). Importing business has... ... middle of paper ... ...of fresh fruits and vegetables; increase fresh local fruits and vegetable export, special finical assistant for rural and regional farms, as well as increase access to health care services and increase health care visits rebates. By having ploicies change, this will have a positive impact on rural health. To sum up, the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables has decreased the price for consumers, however the consequences has led to poverty in rural farmers, this has led to negative impacts on social determines in health such as, poverty-related mental health condones, increase the prevalence of chronic medical conditions as well as well suicide rates. To address this issue, policy-making acts a vital role, good policies such as limit fruits and vegetable import, increasing health care rebate in rural regions, these will lead to a positive look on the rural health.

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