The Long Ongoing Conflict: The Beginning Of The Long Ongoing Conflict

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The Long Ongoing Conflict

Have you ever felt lost or anxious about a particular conflict because the outcome can end in many different ways? Being as young as fifteen, one should never have to feel this way about a situation they have no control of. It was unfortunate to feel like this at such a young age. As I laid under the covers in my dark room, yelling and screaming from down the hall crept up under my skin and deprived me of any sleep. All I could think of is why were they arguing, couldn 't they just stop and make up? I would hear this often throughout the night, and could not think straight because of the fear rushing through my veins. I was scared of what was going to happen, was my dad going to barge into my room and take me somewhere
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My mother from the beginning of my dad and stepmom 's relationship didn’t like my stepmom that much. She could see how manipulative my stepmom was towards my dad, brother and I. I lived with my mom at this time and my brother lived with my dad and stepmom. My mom was always skeptical about not raising her other child herself but I didn’t see any concern for it, I was too young to understand. My mom knew she couldn’t bash her in front of me because it would scare me even more than I already was. She had to be there for me because I didn’t have anyone else to talk to. My mom would tell me that everything will be alright and that my dad will be okay with all of his friends in the Navy to lean on. We went to Olive Garden that night to help get my mind off of things and to have fun and not worry about what 's going to happen between my dad and stepmom. I was scared many nights because I didn’t know what was going to happen to my dad, was he going to live with friends or move to Washington and live with his dad. Every night me and my mom would talk about where my dad was gonna live, what’s going happen to my brother and if I will ever see my stepmom again. My mom 's feelings through her divorce with my dad helped me understand my feelings more. My mom 's words comforted me like a blanket, helping me cope with my…show more content…
My dad tried his best just wasn’t feeling the same anymore. My father 's feelings couldn’t be expressed with anyone because he had to work all day overseas protecting our country. I was feeling scared for myself as well as for him. I didn’t like him being alone overseas with no family. He couldn’t talk to his daughter at that time because of different time zones. My stepmom made it almost impossible for my dad to interact with his daughter. She didn’t want him to be apart of her or her daughter 's life. I didn’t see how this was fair, I was getting very frustrated with her. Once he got back from deployment he called me very often seeing how I was feeling about this whole situation. He told me lots of times that everything is gonna be fine and he was doing really good living by himself. I was trying to show I was feeling alright, but in reality I was still hurting. He flew me out a couple of months later to make sure I was alright. I liked this idea and I knew it would make things better if I saw him in person and not just talk over the phone. We did lots of fun things together so my mind wasn’t on the divorce as much anymore and that we were going to be okay without her. We went to Six flags, Universal Studios and Disneyland and had a fun time together. For once in a very long time, I felt normal and like a kid who didn’t have any worries, which is not how society portrays the kids from divorced
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