The Long Corridors Of The Longworth House Office Building

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Running through the long corridors of the Longworth House office building, with their polished marble and alabaster stone, my black bucks squeak with each step. The sweat forming on my brow has beaded and is now running down my face. I do not even notice the sweat, my mind has a singular focus. The mission at hand supersedes the superficiality of a dry face on Capitol Hill. It was on this February day, that had begun as mundanely as any other, that the interconnectedness of academics, government and law came to the fore of my academic and professional experience, as I found myself at the center of all three spheres bridging the gap between all. I had been interning in Florida Congresswoman Lois Frankel’s Washington D.C. office for three weeks. On this day I had been given the task of gaining the signatures of every Palm Beach County Congressional Member. These signatures were on a letter of support for the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County to continue receiving federal assistance. The Legal Aid Society has been a group that I have been involved with since the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college. My involvement came about through my internship with a litigation support firm that had developed a close relationship with the society through its pro bono support of small projects that Legal Aid was undertaking. I have spent hours of my time putting together trial graphics and moving trial equipment around Palm Beach County in order to help Legal Aid with its various projects. Working with the Legal Aid Society, from the support side, was my first exposure to what goes into a trial. More importantly, it was my first experience with seeing how a dynamic organization, such as Legal Aid, is able to promote the g... ... middle of paper ... ...aucracy, I now understood as an organization that was influenced by the decisions of individuals. The path that I had once believed diverged, with one path going to government and the other to law, was in fact a single path whereby law and government intersected both on Capitol Hill, the classroom, and in the private offices of Legal Aid Society. You can serve the public in a multitude of ways, whether it be pro bono work for the Legal Aid Society, working in Congress on constituent issues, or simply giving your time to an important issue such as urban education reform. I would call this moment the culmination of not just my academic career but also my collegiate career, encompassing that which occurs outside of the classroom, as I saw what I had once believed to be extraneous groups of personal interests of mine were in fact linked together through public service.

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