The Lodestar Of My Practice: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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My philosophy of nursing is the lodestar of my practice. Patient care can be incredibly sophisticated, and complex, yet it is the simplicity of finding what the patient’s goal is that can define a positive patient experience or a negative. Patients are not just science, we are humans. We are quirky, unique, and similar. We each appear different in our values, beliefs, social status, age, genders, and cultures. But the similarity that we share is that each of our differences demands respect, and recognition in our overall health. I believe in self-determination of patients to dictate the care they wish to receive, or not receive. It is important that patients know their rights in healthcare, have the knowledge or accessibility to the information to be…show more content…
I have worked in the military healthcare field for seven years, and the last year as a registered nurse. I have developed a new and profound pride and care for our servicemen and servicewomen in combat. It is no longer just a matter of patriotism, but a love of these people as individuals and as families. I have loved providing care to these family members that have a unique burden placed on them in supporting our military members. Military families demand the best of nursing practice, theory, and holistic care. These families do indeed come from every facet of social stature, race, religion, and cultures. By continuing my education with Ball State University and attaining my FNP I will increase my value by fulfilling a role that is in need in the military. My practice, however, will not end with the military. I also wish to continue my practice into a rural setting where primary care is not as accessible, and to volunteer in low income areas where education is lacking. I seek to improve primary care and create a culture of proactive care and minimize the need for retroactive tertiary

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