The Local School Systems in America

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The Local School Systems in America

The topic I chose to discuss in this essay is the local school systems in America. The local and national government and the superintendent of the school system holds the power over this institution. The people who benefit because of this institution are the students who attend these schools and the jobs that they create in the process of helping kids to learn and society in general. Some of the risks that I thought of that would effect the students is the decision on how and what to teach or the decision to hire a certain teacher. The benefits could be great but on the other hand the risk of making a wrong decision is always there.

The goals of the school sytem are to educate young people and to prepare them for college and their future jobs so that they can be a productive part of society. I think that the school system tries to do everything that they possibly can for their students, but I also think that they have to rely more on the parents to help them also. Many parents just let their kids go to school and figure that the adults at the school will raise ther kids for them. That's just not the case. The parents have to pay more attention to the kids. Decisions in the school system are not solely based on economics but the social aspects are looked at as well. The children in the school systems need to get a social education in school as well as a intellectual education. I feel that the school systems around the country are improving a great deal. I think that the national and state governments are putting more and more money into the school systems and the kids are responding to that.

An outsider that was looking at the school systems around the country would see that the goal of all of these schools is to educate the children and to teach them to use their talents and what they have inside of them. Some values that are instituted in the school system are to give people respect including the teachers and the students and to teach kids to be nice to each other and to help each other so they can get tasks done faster and easier.
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