The Lizzie Borden Murder Case

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Lizzie Borden took an axe, And gave her mother forty whacks. And when she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one This child’s playground verse has immortalized the story of the Lizzie Borden murder case, a case in which has become one of America history’s most investigated unsolved murder cases. It begins on Thursday August 4th 1892 in the town of Fall Rivers Massachusetts Andrew Borden a wealthy director of several banks in the area was found dead in the parlor of his Massachusetts home. Andrew was found by his daughter, whom would be charged for the crimes, with his head hacked and bleeding severally. As help arrived from the neighbors in the community of closely built homes, and as the police were in route to help, the body of Andrews’s wife Abby Borden was found dead in the guest bedroom of the same Massachusetts home killed with what was found out to be the same ax that took her husband. This case began the day prior to the murders on August 3rd when both Abby and Andrew were suspicious of being poisoned. This was evident by the violent vomiting that they both experienced during the night of august 2nd. Abby had gone across the street to the family doctor to inquire about the sickness. The neighbor Dr. Bowen whom came over to the home of Andrew latter in the day suggested that neither Abby, nor Andrew were being poisoned but rather the issue was not serious. On the same date Lizzie attempted to purchase ten cents of prussic acid from a local drug store, but was denied for not providing prescription. The uncle of Lizzie whom was visiting and staying the night prior to visiting relatives across town, but did not have any luggage for this trip, had arrived at the home to visit. Neither Lizzie nor the uncle ha... ... middle of paper ... ...nd was not conducted as a part of this investigation. The only evidence that was presented was witness statements after the act, and what was told by investigators at the crime scene. The theory’s of what happen are irrelevant given there are no facts to point to. In analyzing Descartes rationalism we can seek truth in this case for eternity, but the truth will never be known. Even when this case is broken down to its simplest form the facts remain that no key evidence was provided to place a suspect for the crime. The Kant theory is more relevant to the entire case given that there is not enough evidence other than a witness whom saw Lizzie burning a dress. Lizzie did not testify, and no one was a direct witness of this case. It will remain unsolved given that any possible suspect has since died. All that is left is speculation of what happen on that August day.

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