The Little Toy Car that Shattered The Glass

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"Can you be any louder?!" I exclaimed, snapping at my two children, Jeri-Marie and Glen. If it were any regular day, I wouldn't mind my children's quarreling, preferring to berate them for a good five minutes and resuming my usual activities. This typically seemed to do the trick. Today, however, marked a moment in history, as Neil Armstrong was planning to land on the moon. I wouldn't miss it for the world (no pun intended).
As I tampered with the television antenna, begging for some clarity, I heard a shout from Jeri-Marie. Considering how she rarely yells, I wasn't expecting it and nearly jumped out of my skin.
"Mom, Glen's pulling my hair! Make him stop before I whale on him!" She screeched from the kitchen.
"If you even think about clubbing you brother I'll knock your teeth out, young lady!" I replied. Friendly threatening was always a good parenting tactic, especially when you had stubborn children.
"You're such a priss! All that I did was gently tug your hair, not pull it. Gosh, why can't you be a boy?" Glen sarcastically remarked. "Too bad Tony isn't five years old, not two. I bet he has more of a backbone than you'll ever have!"
Being distracted by their conversation (or fight) I pricked my finger on the tip of the antenna. Ignoring the blood, I continued fiddling with it. After what seemed like hours, I was finally able to get a decent reception. At last, the moment had arrived. Pure adrenalin rushed through my veins as I was sucked into the television. As I began watching ABC's coverage of Neil Armstrong preparing to land on the moon, I was interrupted by a painful smack. To my dismay, I found a small toy car resting on the couch, as content as can be. Jeri-Marie, you're almost always behaving well, why not to...

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...t, I was home, running as fast as anyone carrying a TV could run. I didn't expect the television to be so heavy, considering that it was only $40. All of a sudden, I felt the TV slipping out of my grasp. Freaking out, I hurried even faster into the house, which probably wasn't a good idea, but at the time, it was to me.
"Home, sweet home, you're about to become even sweeter once I place this spectacular television in here," I chirped, surprisingly excited as I placed the TV onto the floor. After adjusting the antenna (which was a thousand times better than the old one) I received a signal, quicker than expected, feeling a surge of adrenaline pass through me. To my relief, the coverage on Neil Armstrong landing on the moon was replaying again at 5:00pm. Letting out a sigh of relief, I sunk onto the couch and rested my eyes, falling asleep to the sound of bickering.
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