The Little Things

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The Little Things
Nobody considered that the humans were being studied, much like scientists study a colony of ants or bacteria in a drop of water. People went throughout their lives without a second thought that there might be a higher, more intelligent power out there watching them, and certainly no one entertained the idea that they, as a human race, were in any sort of danger from an outside source. The people of earth were too confident in their technology, weaponry and dominance to fear any such thing. However, in his book, H.G. Wells describes how all man’s power and might could not compare to the simplest things that God has put on this earth.
In The War of the Worlds, the narrator describes his firsthand experiences with the Martians and their invasion of earth. It begins in the setting of London in the late 1800’s when astronomers notice several lights suddenly appearing and disappearing on the planet Mars. Later it is learned that this is the launch of the Martians’ spacecraft, headed towards earth, leaving their dying planet behind in search of a new home. “Yet across t...

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