The Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere And Hydrosphere

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With reference to at least ONE ecosystem you have studied, explain the biophysical interactions which lead to diverse ecosystems and their functioning.

Ecosystems rely on the interactions between the four spheres of the biophysical environment, the lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere for its unique character and functioning. These biophysical interactions and their processes have significant dictated the coastal sand dunes. Coastal sand dunes are large accumulations of sand located immediately behind the active beach zone. They are found on all the world 's continental land masses. This is evident in the effects of the atmposhere and hydrosphere as well as with geomorphic and biogeochemical processes, have on the dunes. Therefore, the variety of factors arising from the interactions between the spheres has lead to diverse ecosystems and their functioning.

The atmosphere plays an important role in the functioning of coastal dunes. The wind, is the most predominant abiotic factor in establish a diverse character of coastal dunes. Wind is also referred as the aeolian transport. The higher of wind speed the higher the rate of sand movement. This process leads to surface creep where the grains roll along being propelled by the falling grains from the process of saltation. On the excursion conducted at Long Reef Beach, it was found that the winds speed increases as we go further down to the foredune. This in turn affected both the lithosphere and biosphere, as the foredune act as a wind barrier, lowering levels of evaporation in the soil, increasing soil moisture. This in turns allows taller flora such as eucalytus trees and coastal banksia to grow. With the foredune experiencing the highest wind speed, hardier and l...

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... growth of plants through nitrogen fixation. It is obtain through precipitation is also passed along the food chain through shell fragments and eating other organisms. Therefore, it is evident that these nutrient, oxygen and nitrogen cycles in the biosphere has significantly contribute to the unique functioning leading to diverse ecosystem of coastal dunes.

Therefore, it is clearly seen how the four spheres of the biophysical environment interact for the functioning of the unique characteristics which lead to a diverse ecosystem of the coastal dunes. Processes such as the water and nutrient cycle is crucial for the survival of flora and fauna as it involves the interactions between the atmosphere, biosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere. Without these interactions coastal dunes will lost its function, resulting in lost of its unique character and a diverse ecosystem.

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