The Link Between Ineffective Parenting And Juvenile Delinquency

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Juvenile delinquency is a major problem that plagues many of our developing children and adolescents to diminish in academic performance, turn to violence and abuse substances. The articles that I have found and chosen support that improper parenting (such as a lack of control or failure to set an appropriate example) can help to create such juvenile delinquency. In other words, these articles link a relationship between parents who do not sufficiently control and guide their child through development and their subsequent delinquency. I have chosen two scholarly articles, two from mass media sources and two from online websites to review their information, provided in an annotated bibliographical format. I chose to research this topic in particular as there is popular debate as to what effect proper or improper parenting has on a developing individual. This can be easily compared to as a nature-nurture argument on our individual development. Understanding the link between ineffective parenting and juvenile delinquency may help our understanding on the effects of nature-nurture. Harris-mckoy, D., & Cui, M. (2013). Parental control, adolescent delinquency, and young adult criminal behavior. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 22(6), 836-843. doi: In this article, Harris-McKoy and Cui begins with the recognition of adolescent autonomy and its role in juvenile delinquency. They propose that even though adolescents seek autonomy, there is still a positive trend between lack of parental control and juvenile delinquency. To support their proposal, they used a data set obtained from the National Longitudinal study of Adolescent Health. This data set looked at a list of different factors th... ... middle of paper ... ...stablish control. She also suggests that the parents should help form social context to guide their children to form healthy relationships, Lynn warns that if a parent fails to establish control, their child may grow up with antisocial behavior or harmful tendencies and could possibly become a delinquent. Lynn holds a bachelor 's degree in psychology and works in the mental health field. She also cites information from credible sources to back some of her claims. This was written to parents who may want to be informed on proper parental technique and the risks of failure if done incorrectly. I chose this article as a useful source because it explains successful techniques of a parent while highlighting what failure can lead to. While Lynn did impose what she believed to be proper parenting techniques, she cited information from credible sources to back her claims.

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