The Limitations Of Digital Technology And Technology In The English Language

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With the invention of the internet in the late 1960’s and the digital computer in the 1970’s, the digital age officially began, causing a ripple effect in the English language that few could have predicted. The digital age has since produced improved technology, faster communication between people, and slang and short hand that is shared more easily between the people of the world. Along with the digital age came a change in the way people perceived writing, their attention span, and the forums they used to share their thoughts. With these two inventions people were forced to add more value to their words in order to conform to forums and the audiences they were trying to reach. This time and the new concepts of the English language that it has brought with it has caused people to really think…show more content…
According to the University of Leicester, critical writing is defined as: the clear and confident refusal to accept the conclusions of other writers without evaluating the arguments and evidence that they provide, the clear presentation of own evidence and argument, leading to your own conclusion, and the recognition of the limitations in your own evidence, argument, and conclusion. Basically all this is used to say that when writing and thinking critically the reader has to “think against the grain,” and challenge the idea that the author is trying to push in their piece of writing. Typical critical thinking is then formatted into essays or strictly academic methods of communication, however with advances in technology and the introduction of other popular methods of communication, there are now other unconventional places where examples of critical writing may be seen. With the introduction and heavy use of the internet, the world was able to share information, words, and ideas so easily that the way people communicated in a split second manner pushed people to use short hand. As this trend picked up popularity and more people began using slang

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