The Light At The End Of My Downfall Short Story

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744 words

The Light at the End of My Downfall
Depression has always seemed to take hold of my life no matter what circumstance I’m in. Starting in February 2016, my life started falling apart in front of me. I was suffering from a strong case of depression and struggled to find any kind of happiness. The girl that I was in love with left me for another guy and my best friend stopped communicating with me. I had a dead-end job with little hope for my future. I was at the lowest point in my life. I always asked myself “What is happiness and where do I find it?”. Nothing seemed to be going my way no matter any circumstance I found myself in. Although my life seemed to take a turn for the worst, I found hope within all the darkness I was surrounded by.
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In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how depression took hold of their life no matter what circumstance they were in. they struggled to find happiness and found hope in all the darkness.
  • Narrates how they woke up late after getting off at work and listened to music while awaiting the bell to dismiss the class. they drove the entire ride home in silent contemplating how one of the most positive people in their life could possibly commit suicide.
  • Narrates how they knew ryan wasn't the best person around and was a bad influence on them. the funeral was the hardest part of their downfall.
  • Opines that depression is a huge battle, but if you face your fears and love your life and the people in it, you can overcome negativity.

He was a drug dealer, he was on pills, he always came to work high, and he dropped out of college. Although I knew he was a bad influence, never did I see what was coming next. Remember the girl I said I was in love with that replaced me with someone else? That person just so happened to be Ryan. When I found this out, I was infuriated. The fact that he had a girlfriend and had the audacity to cheat on her with the girl I love showed his true character. From that day, I never looked at Ryan in the same way. Maybe it’s disrespectful to hold a grudge against someone who isn’t here anymore but I just couldn’t support the actions of someone with that type of character. The funeral was the hardest part of it all. I sat in the pew with full composure reminiscing on how his actions led to the start of my downfall. Somehow through all my pain and agony, I finally found hope. The fact that I was replaced in that matter motivated me in ways I never expected. I found my purpose and lived my life to the fullest knowing I only have one life to do it. I finally started to love myself and gained self-confidence. I finally won my battle with depression in the most unexpected way in the time I never thought I would recover

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