The Life of an Anglo-Saxon Warrior as Depicted in Beowulf

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Existence as an Angelo-Saxon warrior was rewarding, however at the same instant it was difficult. Warlords had a number of warriors obliged to serve them. Being a warrior had a worthwhile life, they spent their time shining armor, readying their sword and intimidating the other warriors. Being an Anglo- Saxon warrior was gratifying life because warriors got fame, glory, recognition, and treasure. The younger boys looked up to either their father that was a warrior or another warrior. They idolized these men because they received fame. The idea of jewels, clashing of metal hitting your foe painted great images in Angelo- Saxon boys. In their culture fame is the most important thing you can have. By reading Beowulf I realized that loyalty is sometimes more important to them than their religion.

As well, they had Scopes; these people told the stories of their favorite warriors. Some even made up stories because they saw themselves in the light as a great warrior with all the treasures in life. Scopes were story tellers that transported to different areas or sometimes stayed and had the people travel to see them tell stories of warriors fighting dragon, demons, pride and glory. The scopes were people who basically idolized warriors. They sometimes even saw themselves living their live by the sword and honoring their lord. They even made up stories about the life sometimes they want to live and carry out. They just wanted to be idolized, known and looked up to just like their favorite warriors or the life that they wanted.

Beowulf is a great example of a warrior because he shows courageous, honesty, bravery, loyalty and selflessness. To a large number of people these examples are the flawless warrior. The only thing that Beowulf is ...

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... the world as were a warrior almost had to sleep with one eye open and hope to be alive in the morning and not being picked out something’s teeth.

As I said, life as a warrior was a rewarding life. People looked up to them they wanted to be just like their favorite warriors. Wanting to shine their swords, prepare for battle and travel to different places. People want to be known for the good and the bad, Angelo- Saxon warriors were the role models for everyone especially young men. They wanted to be known even if they died. Warriors wanted to be known far and long, and the scopes helped them achieve this, because the scopes saw themselves in these young Heroes. And if this was not true I would not be writing this paper about Beowulf, because he would have never accomplished the things that he has if he was not Christian, Pagan, if he had not traveled to help Herot.
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