The Life of a Member in an Organization

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Often many charities only care about how many donations they are getting back instead of taking into consideration what their charity is doing for others. He brings to you how even though you think you are helping the poor, you’re actually making them worse off than what they already are. He explains how charities haven’t barely made a dent in decreasing the number of poverty. Lupton dreads the fact that the publication of “free food and free clothing” encourages a growing line. Lupton also reveals in his book Toxic Charity, charities makes them feel less of a person and ashamed because they can’t provide the essentials they need for their selves. Most individuals don’t think about the damage it could be causing to someone. They only see the good and not the bad. (“Lupton, Robert”) It is displayed from the different point of views that they have two different experiences. Lynette has had contact with individuals and through her experience it has showed how it helped and impacted some people lives. Lupton, however, experiences have shown how it can ruin a person’s attitude and perspective on life. They can start relying on charities and organizations because they know that it will be there because pretty much it will never go away. He believes as mentioned before that charities makes others dependent on others. Her role in the organization affected her greatly because she felt like she was doing better for herself but not only herself, others also. Being active in the organization changed her for the better. Although, at times it took a strain on her just knowing situation others were in , but that’s why she decided to do it. To make a difference and not sit back and watch others fail. One of the situations that took a toll on her ... ... middle of paper ... ... have a great effect on the nation’s history because someday our kids, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren can look back in history and see that there was something that was provided for the less fortunate to lean on just like social welfare and social security checks. After doing the research, it is believed that charities still are good because even though it can make a person feel less of themselves, they end up appreciating what you have done for them. They know it came from the kindness of your heart and you just want them to do better in life. Often, less fortunate people use charities and organizations to help them get on their feet although there are some that abuse it. If someone relies on other people or government funding’s its only going to get worst. To conclude, charities are only beneficial to those who use them properly.
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