The Life of Walt Disney

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It all started in 1923 when a young man started off with one idea that lead to bigger and better ideas as time went on. Walt Disney imagined what people thought to be the impossible and created a Disney empire that was made up of cartoons, movies, amusement parks, and much more entertainment. To think if Walt Disney never shared his visions with the world, there would be no animation, amusement parks, Mickey Mouse, or any classic Disney movies like Snow White, Mary Poppins, or Beauty and the Beast. Also, children wouldn’t have gotten to experience walking through Cinderella’s Castle into Magic Kingdom, a child’s oasis. Although Walt Disney is no longer with us, the visions he had are now reality and the name Disney has made an impact on society from the animation that was created, to the films he had helped make, and the many amusement parks, hotels, and restaurants he put in the effort to get built.
Walt Disney was born December 5th, 1901 and was born in Chicago Illinois. During Walt’s child hood, his family moved from place to place quite often. During 1906 Walt Disney’s family moved to Marceline, Missouri until 1910 when Elias Disney had to sell the farm because of health problems. Even though Walt didn’t live in Missouri for very long, it had made a significant impact on his life. While he was living in Missouri, it helped spark his imagination in many ways. By Walt living in a low key and agricultural area, he started drawing farm animals which was his very first animations he had produced. This helped him in life because he generated a lot of cartoons with farm animals as characters. By Walt living in Missouri it gave him practice with cartoon animation which helped him highly later in his life.
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...ey Brothers Studio very popular too. Walt Disney wanted a larger Disneyland but couldn’t make it happen due to water surrounding the land so in conclusion, Disney wanted to build a bigger Disneyland but instead name it Disney World. When Walt died before the opening of Disney World his brother, Roy, decided to change the name to Walt Disney World so no one would ever forget who the creator of the park was. Disney Brothers Studios went through many milestones before Walt Disney passed away from lung cancer in 1966. The United States and surrounding countries wouldn’t have a magical oasis filled with princesses, princes, talking animals, rides, games, and imagination. By Walt Disney following his visions, he made what he thought the impossible to him become real. Ultimately, by Walt Disney’s dream coming true made little kids and even adults dreams come true too!

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that disney brothers studio started a brand new project that would put them over the top. disneyland park in anaheim, california, opened on july 17th, 1955.
  • Explains that walt disney didn't procrastinate on starting a new project after disneyland opened. walt's magic kingdom was not the only magic that he had created.
  • Explains that walt disney made many movies during his life, including bambi, dumbo, pinocchio, fantasia, peter pan, mary poppins, sleeping beauty, cinderella, beauty and the beast, and snow white
  • Explains that snow white and the seven dwarfs was the first animated feature film with sound and color. walt disney put in extra effort to make this movie more outstanding than it already is.
  • Explains that walt disney proved himself as americana by what he has done for the united states throughout his life and even years after. walt's creations made life more enjoyable for everyone back then to even today.
  • Explains that walt disney's career in animation led to many positives, such as the debut of mickey mouse and the development of disney brothers studio.
  • Explains that walt disney's visions led to a disney empire that was made up of cartoons, movies, amusement parks, and much more entertainment.
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