The Life of Queen Elizabeth I

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When Elizabeth was born she never knew how difficult her life would be. Her gender and the time period when she was born was opened to challenges of illegitimacy during her lifetime and beyond. For her to be known so well is astonishing. Throughout her life she did many remarkable things, especially as queen. Although she overcame many obstacles in life Elizabeth became a incredible queen.
In 1533 on September 7, Elizabeth Tutor was born in the Palace of Placentia, in Greenwich, United Kingdom. Her first three years were passed with innocents. She did not know much about the world around her outside the nursery. At age four, she began a formal education. She made excellent progress and was very precocious. When she was about ten Elizabeth’s father got married. Catherine Parr, the women he was to marry, was to be his sixth and last wife. Elizabeth was one of the three children, that he had, who went to the wedding. At age fourteen, in 1547 when her father died, she lived with her widowed step mother. While living there she got caught up in the secrets and chaos of Catherine’s marriage to the protector’s brother, Thomas Seymour. Thomas romped and horseplayed with Elizabeth. He would tickle and slap her butt. Her Step mother eventually joined in, with what she thought was a joke and horseplay, instead of stopping it. Eventually, Cathrine caught them in an embrace and ended this quickly. Elizabeth then left; until,1548 when Catherine died. Thomas put all his attention on Elizabeth. In 1549, Thomas was found guilty of treason and at age 15 Elizabeth was forced to face an interrogator. The interrogator wanted to know if the servants encouraged her to marry Seymour. After Mary's regined for fourth four ...

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...tablished the East Indian Company. Elizabeth was a great leader and proved that women can rule.
When Elizabeth was born she did not know what she was born into. Throughout her life she did many things good and bad. Queen Elizabeth, although called a bastard because she was the child of an adulterous relationship, was a remarkable queen and did a lot for England.

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