The Life of Princess Diana Spenser

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In the news today there are many cases of death of both young and old women and men. A majority of these deaths are due to illnesses, car crashes, or natural disaster but there is also a great percentage of death cause by another factor. In fact “20 percent of people with anorexia [and bulimia] actually die from the conditions” (ask how to quote it). Once bulimia and anorexia become part of a person life it is as if they were prisoners in their own body trying to escape. Eating disorders manipulate a person thought process to make them believe that their physical appearance is not accepted in our society. They constantly pressure and remind them that food is what is going to make them gain weight, so therefore the only solution is to either starve themselves till they can a fit a smaller size or eat a great about of food and vomit it all out of their system later. Eating disorders have been around for century’s and when it first started to become popular around 1990 many had different outlooks toward. It. Very Few believed it was a sickness and they needed to help those who were living with it. Others thought of it as a sickness for the crazy people and showed no attempt to accept them as humans too. The change of how people judged others by how they looked and how one judges oneself change all cause of Diana Spenser, The people’s princess. She constantly volunteered and visited victims of eating disorders to give them the feeling that someone does care rather then look at them as monsters, and her speech in 1993 effectively allowed humans to understand the true meaning of an eating disorder.
Born in July 1st, of 1961, Diana Spenser lived in a palace with her father Edward John Spencer (viscount althorn), mother Frances Ruth Burk...

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...was dedicated to doctors, the people suffering from the disorders and the people who thought of eating disorder as an incurable disease. Diana had to win over the four hundred doctors that surrounded her during the speech to successfully get them to invent a treatment. In order to accomplish this she uncover vivid image in their minds about what people with eating disorders go through every single day that passes by with no help.

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