The Life of Oscar Wilde

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The Life of Oscar Wilde

The year is 1884 and many things have taken place in the life of our literary giant, Oscar Wilde has been married years and his touring of the United States and other countries have shown his of success in his writing all over the literary world. Some of his most recent writtings are "The Picture of Dorian Gray"(1891), "A Woman of No Importance"(1894) and his most resent essay known as "The Decay of Lying" is Oscar’s story of his outrage about the current style of writing that is going into the art society. What has happened to the spectacularness of this art, it has come down to being as horrid as what is being published in the local newspapers.

Is it true that " The Decay of Lying" has fallen to its deepest shadow of shame? It seems that in the words of Oscar Wilde, that is the shameful truth. How could this type of atrocity take place. It seems that the Victorian society in still under the belief that the Romanticism of life is still coursing through their veins, dead veins to be more specific. Wilde's views romanticism as a crude, childish and yet passive thing of the past and that it should remain there in the past. The romantics ideas of nature and realism need to be brought up-to-date.

Wilde has criticized the likes of as Wordsworth and other writers of the Romantic Era, they would send us out to nature and say "The solutions to societies problems and can best be remedied out here, within the confines of nature, this is where you need to be. Walking, talking, being out in the great airy open and embrace what nature has to offer. Only here can you expect to amend and resolve any personal and troublesome problems." Wilde's interpretation of this remedy: outlandish, extreme and insane, society has e...

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...t about a man, his character, morals and beliefs as a whole. At this moment, Jack becomes distressed about this problem his lady love had let him know that she could never marry a man that has the name other than Earnest. As a result of this occurrence our main character find that he must be christen with the name of Earnest in order for Gwendolyn to consider him as a husband. This situation is one of many that Wilde has created as a form of lying. When this play was first, performed and seen, people were outraged at this type of story.

Wilde continues to explain in more plays, poems and other forms of writing that his plays and other forms of writing are just to be observed as entertainment. His goal was not to be a moralist and instill morals for the masses. That was the furthest thing from his mind, Wilde intent is to create art that is for what it is Art’s sake.
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