The Life of Ninaseye in Black Swan

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Ninaseye is a featured ballerina who are vulnerable, and strive to achieve a leading role in Black Swan . Nina through her repetitive daily schedule to clarify her almost monastic life. Her life is out with ballet. She does not drink, she did not go out with friends . She did not eat much , she constantly put themselves into a painful dance body. All she seems to do is dance in the company , go home and prepare for the next dance . In the dance competition atmosphere conveys Nina experienced tension every day .
Nina 's mother to her daughter very controlled and forced attitude. Compulsive behavior in the room Nina Nina 's mother 's mother 's . Nina Nina 's mother drawings fill the entire wall of the room articulate how she kind of obsession Nina . Nina 's mother to her daughter , because she is a lot of young kids. Nina 's room is decorated with stuffed animals and dolls pink butterfly paper on the wall . Unhealthy relationship between Nina and her mother appeared in the continuation of the movie .
One day, Thomas directed the selection of a surprise audition dancers who will seek a ...

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